How To Make Plain Paratha | Homemade Paratha

How to make homemade plain paratha

how To Make Plain Paratha, Homemade Paratha
Plain Paratha

Today I am going to tell you a special recipe which you can make in breakfast in very less time, And you can also make this recipe for dinner and lunch.

Let me tell you, I am going to tell you how to make special homemade paratha.
How to make Make Plain Paratha Recipe at Your Home Homemade Paratha has to be know breakfast only.

That's why I have brought special homemade for you now so that you will easily learn.
Very few ingredients are used in it.

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So without wasting any time let me tell you how to make plain paratha.


      Ingredients for plain paratha


  • 2 cup wheat flour
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • Oil for dough and roasting paratha
  • Water for dough

Preparation of Plain Paratha


First of all, to make the paratha we will take 2 cups of wheat flour in a big bowl And add salt to it every foot and add 2 tsp of oil and mix it thoroughly with the flour.

And adding a little water to the flour, we will make the dough ready.


Now we will prepare the dough and keep it for 20 minutes, only then it becomes a little soft.

Now by applying some oil in our hand, we will apply a little bit on top of the dough.
Now flour dough is ready to make paratha.


Now to make paratha, take some dry flour and take a medium sized piece from dough flour, Make it round and apply it with dry flour and make round shape how we make chapati at home.

After it is made in round shape, we will apply some oil on it and using the hand, we will close it from all the sides. And again we put it on the dry flour
How to make same chapati again in round shape.


Now we will heat a pan, put some oil on it and heat it and put the paratha made in round shape on the pan. And by applying a little roll on both the sides of the paratha, cook it well.

Similarly, we will cook all plain parathas, hope you have liked homemade parathas, you must have come to know how to make plain parathas.

That's all for today, then I will bring some such special recipes for you.

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